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Course of action

The Panel of Experts represents Business Council on scientific conferences, seminars and congresses. Selection of speakers guarantees high level of the organised meeting's substantive side. Panel of Experts associates representatives of key institutions such as entrepreneurs, scientific-research and self-governmental workers from all over the world. Experienced specialists and participants of the investment process are also the speakers.

The Panel of Experts' main goals are as follows:

  • Establishment of contacts with entrepreneurs from all over the world, obtainment of research capability and technological partners, information exchange on economy and local markets,
  • Participation and representation of organisations on numerous scientific and industrial conferences,
  • Sitting in panels of experts,
  • Creation of cooperation and experience exchange level between experts and enterprises cooperating with them,
  • Dissemination of knowledge on benefits related to business development on the United Arab Emirates – Europe line,
  • Creation of cooperation zones for businessmen and their participation in public debates,
  • Activation of social organisations and public administration institutions for increasing the country's innovativeness potential,
  • Promotional activity implementation in terms of innovative technologies: active information publishing on products being under construction or commercialised ones,
  • Export of unique products and services on international arena.