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Course of action

The Council of Experts associates specialists from twelve branches of economy, finances and law who support entrepreneurs, desiring to develop their activities, with their experience. The Council's Members combine knowledge and experience from numerous sectors, including financial products and services' market, innovative technologies, IT, power engineering, waste management, agricultural and food market, immovable properties, transport, tourism, military technologies, medicine, culture and art. Furthermore, the Council conducts activities for development of entrepreneurship and acceleration of Poland's economic growth, creation of cooperation and experience exchange level between prominent experts and business representatives as well as presentation of the technology transfer idea as the source of economic development support.

The Council of Experts also undertakes any works which aim at defining financial barriers and business support in order to implement a product on the market. The Council's activity is focused on generation of information, indicators and parameters necessary for undertaking business and management decisions.

The Council of Experts' main goals are as follows:

  • Preparation fo analyses, opinions on innovativeness as well as technical and economic evaluation,
  • Consultancy consisting in broad spectrum of issues and specialities, f. in. from the fields of marketing and promotion as well as business operating security,
  • Verification of projects in terms of technical and technological aspects,
  • Reliable and impartial valuation of both initial concepts and ready-to-use projects,
  • Legal, economic and business support: investment projects' assessment in terms of formal-legal aspect in relation to law being in force on a particular territory, support of legislative process concerning conclusion of international agreements,
  • Implementation of scientific-technical activities in terms of sustainable development and innovative technologies,
  • Cooperation with scientific and research-development centres,
  • Support in finding proper financing sources.

The Council of Experts operates on the basis of Polish law regulations and the EU directives and its tasks are concentrated upon support of sustainable growth in the Polish economy.